PMM Social: Our 5 MOST Liked Instagram Images for July 2015

PMM Social: Our 5 MOST Liked Instagram Images for July 2015

Our Instagram page has been gaining more followers and with our #CelebrateMySize movement becoming even more popular, Instagram has become a major social media outlet for us. We love interacting with our readers online and on Instagram especially, you are letting us know what you want to see.

With that said, we wanted to share our top 5 LIKED images from Instagram for July 2015 and what our followers were chatting about last month…


#1: 3,418 LIKES – This image of plus size fashion blogger Kim of Naturally Fashionable was our most LIKED image on Instagram for July and we can see why. She is wearing a beautiful maxi dress from Cori Coren Boutique and she looks stunning. That hint of leg showing, the hair and those shoes? YES!

Maxi dress IG image

#2: 3,265 LIKES – We regrammed this image from Canadian plus size fashion retailer Penningtons and their news of them working with actress Melissa McCarthy with her upcoming clothing line, which garnered the second most LIKES on Instagram for us in July.

Melissa Mccarthy July IG image

#3: 3,230 LIKES – We’re not surprised this image came in third with over three thousand LIKES on Instagram, which was a regram from Just Curves Active. Amanda Bingson inspired so many with her ESPN cover, showing that athletes come in all shapes and sizes. (Check out our interview with her here)

ESPN IG image

#4: 2,926 LIKES – Who knew a dressing room selfie in Target from plus size fashion blogger Triena Deniese of Circa 88 would generate such a huge response? It certainly did when we regrammed this image as one of #CelebrateMySize regrams of the day. We love it when curvy women show off their outfits/fashion finds and inspire others to want to achieve these looks for themselves. Yes, you can wear it too!

Ava and Viv July IG image

#5: 2,936 LIKES – Last but certainly not least… in fifth place, this stunning image taken by photographer Nikki Gomez of plus model Laura Lee caught the attention of many.

Modeling 101 July IG image

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