The Latest Nail Trend on The Rise… Aquarium Nails – Would you try them?

Love aquariums? Well, now you don’t have to visit one to get that underwater experience. Let us introduce to the latest “creative” nail trend to make a comeback this summer… Aquarium nails.

aquarium nails

Image: Google

Just when we thought we’d seen it all…  On the heels of hump nails making a comeback this summer, aquarium nails seems to be back in full force as well.

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Aquarium nails are created by using double-paned acrylic nails, filling them with baby oil and glitter and/or confetti. Jewels and other embellishments are then added.

Some styles are subtle where one nail is decorated and some styles have all nails looking like an underwater paradise. Mermaid lovers are also joining in on the trend and creating their own looks as well.

Here’s a few styles we saw on Instagram, Pinterest and the web:


Image: Instagram – @nails.com_southsideblvd


Image: Instagram – @ladii_steel


Image: Instagram – @vilmajarvinen


Image: Instagram – @kerlys_artistic_nails

Fleur de Mort

Image: Nails8.com


Image: Pinterest – @loulou-s-express-nails

We want to know what you think… would you wear aquarium nails? YAY or NAY? Leave us a comment below and let us know.