Modeling 101: Why are there height/size requirements to become a plus model?

Modeling 101
Photography: Rafael Clemente for the Nov 2015 issue of PMM // Model: Marina of Muse Management

Are you an aspiring plus size model? Would you like to know more about how to break into the plus modeling world? Then this Modeling 101 feature is for you!

Every week, I will be answering a modeling question on the blog that are asked often by readers and aspiring models. This is a great opportunity to learn more about breaking into the business and gaining tips and honest input on how to proceed in deciding if plus modeling is the career for you.

This week’s question is…

Q: Why are there certain height and size requirements to become a plus size model? Example: Have to be 5’8″ and taller, sizes 14-18

A: You cannot begin to imagine the preparation it takes for a photo shoot to come into fruition. When a brand sets up a shoot, there is so much to consider and ensuring that the clothing fits the model(s) is essential.

Most brands use only one size samples because it’s most cost-effective for the company. Time is money and if they can order a size 14 sample and have a size 14 model on set then the shoot will go smoothly.

With this being said, there are ways around this. We do know for a fact, there are companies that order two sizes for photo shoots. They will order a size 12 or 14 and a size 16 or 18. These companies are few and far between and obviously have the resources to commit to having a lot more merchandise at the photo shoot.

Height is important because they want the clothing to look as it is meant to fit. Buying off-the-rack means that we, as the consumer, may have to alter items we buy. I personally often have to get pants hemmed because even an average pant could be too long for me. This is why height is so important when modeling long dresses and pants.

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