SmartGlamour’s Runway Show Was All About Size Diversity & Equality

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Earlier this year, we reported the launch of SmartGlamour’s #FashionForAll campaign where owner and designer Mallorie Dunn wanted to show through fashion, how “all bodies are good bodies”.

Read moreSmartGlamour Launches #FashionForAll Campaign to Show That All Bodies Are Good Bodies

At a time where more plus women were asking for more size diversity in campaigns, this one was on time, especially with Dunn featuring models of ALL sizes, not just plus size ones.

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Dunn’s belief of #FashionForAll was evident in her recent runway show, featuring her latest designs on models of varying sizes. The show was called  “a celebration of women’s fashion in all shapes, sizes, ages, and heights. It was a breath of fresh air to see models who reflect the diversity and range of how women look, walk down the runway” by Natasha Nurse of Dressing Room 8, who is also a PMM contributor.

From left to right: Natasha Nurse, Artist/Designer Jonquel Norwood, Stylist/Model Sabrina Servance and Blogger Shainna Tucker
SmartGlamour owner and designer Mallorie Dunn



A show like this means a lot to women who often feel ignored when they see women who don’t look like them on the runway. These women want to be represented. And at this show, they definitely were. All you could see were smiles around and you could feel the excitement in the air. Seeing these women walking the runway confidently, definitely added to the inspiration and empowerment felt amongst the crowd.

Here’s some images from the runway show (images courtesy of Dressing Room 8 and Emerson Chen Photography:

Dunn was quoted saying earlier this year:

“All women deserve access to fashion and clothing. All women deserve to feel beautiful – whatever that means to them. And we are using clothing as the tool to help them get there.”

Kudos to Mallorie Dunn and her team for speaking to all women with SmartGlamour and creating fashion for all. We hope other brands will take note and follow suit.

To see what’s new at SmartGlamour, click here.

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