Marianne’s Beauty Tips: How To Create the Perfect Pout With Liquid Lipstick

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As a freelance makeup artist, I am a lover of all things beauty. However, liquid lipstick has made me love lipstick for the first time of my life.

You may be wondering why I have not liked lipstick until now, being that I am a fan of all things beauty. The answer is simply this: I don’t like tacky lips and leaving lipstick stains on everything! I hate when I’d put lipstick on to finish a look and in 20 minutes, the lipstick would be smeared off, ending up on the back of my hand or on the nearest napkin.

Well, all of that has now changed. A couple of years ago, I discovered liquid lipstick and now I am a lipstick lover. I will admit, the early formulas were not long lasting but they would dry matte and not be sticky. The transfer problem was still an issue so I didn’t wear it much.

However, things have changed dramatically in the last 6 months when it comes to liquid lipstick.

Beauty brands, such as the ones I featured in my Marianne’s Beauty Tips column in PMM’s September 2015 issue, have really amped up the liquid lipstick game by making transfer proof lips a beautiful reality in my life. From outrageous colors to more muted neutrals, liquid lipstick will fit everyone’s lifestyle and makeup game.

Here’s a step-by-step how-to pictorial using my Editor’s Top Pick from the September issue of PMM… LASplash Cosmetics’ Lip Couture in Malevolent.

Malevolent lip couture

I need to point out one VERY crucial step that many people tend to overlook which leads to them subsequently hating the ultra matte finish to liquid lipstick: Exfoliation! Exfoliation is your best friend when it comes to applying any matte lipstick but it’s crucial when applying liquid lipstick.

Image: Google

My favorite lip scrub is from Azucar Scrubs by Jennifer Morales. It’s an all-natural sugar scrub made from a few different oils and smells amazing! It leaves my lips super soft and nourished. My favorite is Soothing Lavender, although every scent is amazing. You can find them on Instagram here (@azucar_scrubs) or on Facebook here.

Photo Sep 20, 7 52 58 PM
After you’ve exfoliated your lips, leave some of the natural oil from the scrub on your lips to keep them hydrated.

My best advice is to start with your cupid’s bow and outline a sharp edge.

Image: Red Apple Lipstick

Photo Sep 29, 6 15 19 PM

I always overline my cupid’s bow and upper lip because it is so much smaller than my bottom lip. Should you overdraw a part of your lip like I did (see above), just simply use some concealer to fix it up.

Here, I used Maybelline Fit Me! Concealer in 15 (Ulta, $6.99). Click here to pick one up for yourself.


You might notice that I don’t have any makeup on in this how-to pictorial and that’s because this particular brand of lipstick is hydrophobic, meaning it doesn’t react to water whatsoever.

So I left my freckled face bare to wipe this off with an oil-based makeup remover, such as the one I mentioned in my Top Drugstore Beauty Finds article here on the blog.

I used Sonia Kashuk® Remove – Eye Makeup Remover (Target, $10.19). Click here to check it out.


I hope this helps you step up your lipstick game and makes you fall in love with liquid lipstick again or for the first time!

Have fun and feel beautiful! Xoxo Marianne, PMM Associate Beauty Editor.

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