Modeling 101: What Should Be My Rates When Starting Out As a Model?

Modeling 101
Photography: Inez Lewis for the March 2015 issue of PMM // Model: Emily Nichols of Dorothy Combs Models // Styling: Reah Norman

Are you an aspiring plus size model? Would you like to know more about how to break into the plus modeling world? Then this Modeling 101 feature is for you!

Every week, I will be answering a modeling question on the blog that are asked often by readers and aspiring models. This is a great opportunity to learn more about breaking into the business and gaining tips and honest input on how to proceed in deciding if plus modeling is the career for you.

This week’s question is…

Q: What should be my day rate/half rate starting out as a plus size model?

A: If you are not represented by an agency, know that you will be negotiating rates for yourself and doing the job of a model AND an agent. In the very beginning, you will work for exposure, experience, clothing, etc. Once you have some time and experience under your belt and know how to model, you can begin setting your rates.

Smaller indie designer rates will be low. It can be anything between $250 to $500 a day. If you are lucky enough to book a big client, rates are much higher, $1500 to $2500 a day.

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