PMM Wish List: 10 Bloggers Size 22+ We’d Love to See in Fashion Campaigns

[tps_title]#6: Cynthia of Flight of a Fat Girl[/tps_title]

Cynthia Flight Fat Girl

Cynthia is a part of this amazing plus size blogger movement happening in Canada with all these fierce fashionistas showing off their style and confidence. And we love seeing plus size women all over the world, loving themselves and inspiring women everywhere with fashion and empowering words. Cynthia is definitely a standout with her impeccable style with an edge and how she is not afraid to be a voice in the body acceptance world, using her platform to also speak out against trolls and size discrimination. She’s currently a brand ambassador for plus size fashion brands Addition Elle and Penningtons. We’d love to see her get some more exposure in the US.

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