Curvy Girl Lingerie Debuts Sizzle Reel For Their New Reality TV Show

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Plus size lingerie retailer Curvy Girl Lingerie and owner Chrystal Bougon continue to show the world that plus size women are sexy and beautiful too and that style and beauty know no size. Bougon believes plus size women can lead “fabulous happy lives” as stated in the tagline for her new reality TV show Plus Life.

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The first season of Plus Life consists of 10 half-hour episodes that will air on a major cable channel and feature women that are unapologetically fat and fabulous.

The new show highlights a day in the life at Curvy Girl Lingerie, including scenes at a Curvy Girl pole dance class, game nights, and more. The end of the season concludes with the boutique’s annual Curvy Girl Lingerie Fashion Show.


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The sizzle reel for the show debuted this week online, giving everyone the opportunity to get a sneak peek at the new show.

The groundbreaking series by Executive Producer Adryenn Ashley and Bougon does something rarely seen on TV: portray plus-size women in a positive light as beautiful, unapologetic, empowered, sexual beings who love themselves now – not 50 less pounds from now.

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Bougon said in an official statement:

“Everyone deserves to have all the pleasure their bodies are capable of. Enjoy your body right now! Don’t put your life on hold waiting until you lose another 50 pounds. Go out, have fun, enjoy it!”

“For whatever reason, some people really hate fat people. And the minute you’re trying to be fat and happy? Oh, that makes them really mad. But I’m never going to stop helping women to feel sexy and beautiful. Why would I? Because someone else doesn’t like it? They can kiss my fat ass. Contrary to popular belief, there is no skinny girl inside me dying to get out. This is me. This is all I got. Living for today, not for some version of me that does not exist.”

You can check out the sizzle reel here and get a sneak peek of Plus Life.

You can receive updates about Plus Life including its premiere date by following the show on Facebook here.

About Curvy Girl Lingerie
Curvy Girl, in San Jose, CA, is the first lingerie store in the U.S. for plus-size women. With a “Sexy Isn’t a Size” motto, the store carries items in sizes 14-6x. Owner Chrystal Bougon created Curvy Girl because she believes that all women deserve a safe place to shop, without judgment, where they can find sexy lingerie and panties that fit well and make them feel pretty and sexy. Learn more at

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