Empowering Words of Wisdom From 7 Plus Size Athletes You Should Know

[tps_title]#2: Ragen Chastain, Blogger of Dances With Fat, Activist, Speaker and Plus Size Athlete[/tps_title]
Image: By Richard Sabel for Ragen Chastain, Dances with Fat blog

“In this culture, no matter what your size, not hating your body is absolutely an act of revolution. There are lots of ways to do this depending on where you are on your personal journey. Choosing not to engage in negative body talk or body snarking of any kind is a really good place to start. Choosing to say positive things about other people’s bodies and your own body. When you overhear others engaging in negative body talk, you can interject positive talk, or say something like ‘I wish we lived in a world where we can see beauty in every body’.” [source]

You can check out Ragen’s blog Dances with Fat here.