shattered glass nails

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Looking for something fabulous to wear on your nails this New Year’s Eve?

After seeing hump nail and aquarium nail trends this year, we wondered what the next nail craze would be. And… we’re actually very excited about the latest nail trend that’s hot right now! It’s so wearable and simply gorgeous as well as fun.

stained-glass-nails Polish Pal

DIY Shattered Glass Nails from Polish Pals (https://www.instagram.com/polishpals/)

Shattered glass nails have taken over the nail world the last few months and they’re a nail trend that can work all year round, depending on what base color you use. With New Year’s Eve almost here, shattered glass nails is the perfect mani to rock with whatever look you choose.

This hot nail trend started out in South Korea and now it’s gone worldwide with so many women showing off their version of the popular trend.

This fun and eye-catching nail art technique was created by Eunkyung Park, owner of Unistella Salon in Seoul, who is well-known in Korea, having a huge customer base of celebrities in her homeland.


Park’s infamous Shattered Glass Nails technique (https://www.instagram.com/nail_unistella/)

Park told Vogue in October 2015 that “the nails I do are uniquely designed, but simple and minimalist” and she draws all her designs herself. While you can achieve the look with stickers as Park does now (she turned her designs into easy-to-use stickers of holographic paper), you can also have fun at home, working with your own materials such as foil adhesives that can be bought at a craft store like Michaels (such as Jenna from Polish Pals did with her nails above).

Looks great even on your toes!


Image: Yahoo

Here’s some tutorials on YouTube to get you started and finished in time for New Year’s Eve:

To see other Shattered Glass Nails tutorials on YouTube, click here.

Park’s next venture? She wants to figure out how to create animation on nails. We’d love to see that!

What do you think of the Shattered Glass Nails trend? Have you tried it before? Please let us know below!