Modeling 101: 5 Tips For Aspiring Plus Size Models

Modeling 101
Model: Kori Leilani

I get asked daily about how to become a plus model and it is because of that, we have a dedicated Modeling 101 column in every issue as well as weekly Modeling 101 posts on the blog and an entire section on the blog focused on becoming a plus model. We also always ask in interviews with our featured models, what advice they would offer aspiring models.

This is our way of arming aspiring models with information to take with them and pursue their dreams of modeling. We always preach that doing your research is key in kicking off your career.

With that said, this month, we offer 5 tips for aspiring plus size models. It’s a new year and time to set new goals. If you’re serious about being a model, part of the work you must do is educate yourself on the industry and how to be a model.

#1: Do your research! No one is going to hand you a career.

As I mentioned above, arm yourself with knowledge and read everything available to you. If you are taking pictures and posting them on social media waiting for someone to hand you a contract, you may be waiting a long time. Are you taking the right type of photos? Did you hire a team that shoots portfolio work or is agency approved? An image is your resume to being signed, make sure you are putting the best representation of yourself out there.

#2: Branding – Nowadays it’s not good enough to be a pretty face and have a modeling contract.

Are you passionate about something? Animal rights, human rights, etc… Join an organization or share the organization you are currently working with on social media and/or a blog. Use this as a way to allow people to get to know who you are outside of pretty pictures. Guard your brand… not everything that is offered to you is a good opportunity. Ask questions about where and how your images will be used before signing anything.

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