PMM Inspiration: My New Hobby for 2016 is Being Awesome… What’s Yours?

being awesome

I’ve always created a list of things or hobbies I want to try at the beginning of every year. In previous years, my list has included learning a new sport, a new skill or trying a new type of exotic cuisine.

This year, I thought deeply about my list and came to the conclusion that I’m just going to be awesome. By that, I mean living a life that I’ve always dreamed and wanted for myself, but never ended up doing for so many years.

So 2016 will be it: the year of awesomeness.

So you may be wondering how I plan to do this, and what this even means. Well, I can tell you right now that it’s going pretty well so far and it didn’t require me to spend any extra money or break any laws. In fact, I haven’t purchased anything new this year or traveled anywhere, but am living a life more awesome and fulfilled than ever before.

And no, I didn’t take a miracle drug.

This all came about due to the tremendous year I had in 2015. Through Dressing Room 8, I’ve met and interviewed so many inspirational people in the plus fashion industry. What I noticed from all the amazing business women I spoke with was that they took action. For every woman who starts a business based on an idea or passion, there are probably 100 who are simply talking about doing it or talking themselves out of pursuing it, and I was one of those people.

These women made no excuses and decided that if they want their dreams and goals to become their realities, they couldn’t just sit around and wait for that to happen. These women radiated energy and positivity, and in speaking with them, I walked away with more energy and positivity.

I’ve spent most of my adult life helping those around me overcome their fears and accomplish their dreams informally. I’ve been told by many people, even strangers, that that I have a gift for igniting a spark inside people or immediately amping up the energy when I walk into a room. But none of that had ever translated to a potential career in my mind until now, and things have never been more clear.

In 2016, I’m holding myself responsible for my own happiness, dreams and fulfillment, and am pursuing what I love doing as a career: motivating and helping people be their best selves both professionally and personally.

These days, I wake up every morning with a sense of gratitude for all the positive things in my life, both big and small. Instead of being annoyed at my dog JJ waking me up at 6am, I started to appreciate the unconditional love he has for me and his genuine excitement when he’s with me.

My previous pet peeves are starting to become quirks that I find amusing rather than annoying. I realized that I had a choice over harping on the negative or focusing on the positive, and I didn’t want to be responsible for my own unhappiness anymore.

Here are some tips that have helped me and may help you on your own quest to live an awesome life! Just remember, the decision is yours to be a passenger or take action.

  1. It’s never too late – Whether you are 16, 57, or 82 — it is never too late to live the life you want. Like Rocky said in Creed, “One step at a time… One punch at a time… One Round at a time.” To make a change, you need to take that first step and act. You’re the only one who can truly place limits on what you can accomplish, so don’t!
  1. You are in control – In any type of physically uncomfortable situation, there’s always someone who has a smile on her face amidst a sea of frowns, so why not be that person? Negativity isn’t a cure for anything, but positivity can cure all that ails you.
  1. Inspire Others – What you do has an effect on others around you. If you are learning to ride a bike at 40, you may be inspiring that 5-year-old on your block that he or she can do it too! Inspiration is contagious – spread it!
  1. Lose the excess baggage – The past is behind you and many of us forget to leave it there. Plan for progress and set future goals. If the past is haunting you, learn from it and make sure that it doesn’t repeat itself, but don’t allow it to hold you back.
  1. Meet New People – Joining a new meetup group or going to a cool Eventbrite event is a great way to put yourself out there. If you show up with a positive attitude and an open mind, you’ll be exposing yourself to numerous opportunities to meet people who may positively impact your life in different ways. I wouldn’t have met the Editor in Chief of Plus Model Magazine had it not been for Full Figured Fashion Week, and wouldn’t be writing this post for you right now!

The truth is that we can all lead awesome lives that make us truly happy and fulfilled. Unfortunately, many people choose the path of least resistance and prefer to let events happen to them rather than take control of the direction they want their lives to go.

Getting to that “aha!” moment isn’t always easy, but I’m confident you all can achieve what I’ve achieved. And if you need a little bit of help and guidance – you can check out my site at

For those living awesome lives, I’d love to hear about your “aha!” moment in the comments below! Spread the knowledge and joy!

Until next time!

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