SmartGlamour’s #ImFlattered Campaign Reclaims The Word “Flattering” With a Powerful Statement


Independent and inclusive fashion brand SmartGlamour continues to promote diversity with powerful messaging merged with fashion and we are loving it!

Their latest campaign #ImFlattered features nine women of different sizes, ages, shapes, ethnicities and backgrounds who have all experienced someone telling them they shouldn’t wear this or that because of their age, size, shape, etc. PMM Blog Editor Marcy Cruz is one of the nine women featured in this empowering campaign.


The campaign talks to the word “flattering“, to which SmartGlamour owner and designer Mallorie Dunn states:

“We’ve spoken before on the word ‘flattering’, how its definition has been changed and skewed over time – especially within today’s image obsessed society. But – we should also discuss why this matters. Words can be very powerful – and unfortunately, it is often the negative words from others that stick with us.”

Each model is shown holding up a sign with a comment they have heard from someone expressing their opinion on what we shouldn’t wear or what body parts we shouldn’t show. They are also shown wearing a look from SmartGlamour that defies that comment and shows that they CAN wear what they want to.




We’ve all heard one or more of these comments in our own lives and that’s what is so powerful about this campaign. We can all identify with the message and the stories of these women.

“Big Girls Shouldn’t Wear Prints!”

“You’re Too Old To Go Sleeveless”

“Hide Your Arms. They’re a Problem.”

One model has a scar on her back and while she was working out at the gym with a tank top, someone told her she should cover up because “No one wants to see that!”.  From being told “You’re too wide to wear sparkles” to “Your shoulders are too broad to wear halter tops” and other negative comments, these women have been subjected to the opinions of others who perhaps thought they were being helpful in offering advice.

Dunn states:

“Why do we think other people’s appearances are up to us? Who do we think we are – judging, commenting, ‘advising’ on what ‘flatters’ someone? Perhaps – unless you are asked, it is better to keep comments on others’ bodies to yourself.”


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Here’s the promotional video for the campaign:

Mallorie Dunn continues to use her brand to empower and inspire all women. She’s not afraid to design for all sizes and she is definitely a trailblazer in the fashion industry. We’re looking forward to what’s next for Dunn and SmartGlamour.

Read more about this powerful and inspiring campaign here.

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