#SexyAtAnySize: 7 Bloggers Channel Their Inner Sexiness & Talk Body Love

[tps_title]#2: Darlene of Suits, Heels and Curves[/tps_title]


“As I stood there, raw and vulnerable to his gaze, I couldn’t help but think about how much of my sexual identity was attached to this personality; this mirage I had created. How could I go from a place of confidence to a place of fear in an instant? Did this mean I didn’t love myself? That the confidence that I worked so hard to build was fake? Was I a fraud? Was it because I was with a new partner? Or because the man I had loved chose another woman over me? With just the flip of a switch, I had allowed fear to corrupt my body and cripple my soul.”

To see more of Darlene’s blog post titled “And Then The Lights Came On”, click here.

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