10 Plus Size Women Who Prove That All Bodies Are Swimsuit Ready

10 SwimSuitsIG main image

While it is swimsuit season all year round in our minds, the spring season is usually the time when new swimwear emerges on the fashion scene. We’ve already spotted stylish and sexy swimwear from Monif C., GabiFresh for swimsuitsforall, Lane Bryant, Ashley Stewart, Forever 21 and many other brands. It has us excited and dreaming of our next vacations.

We’re also loving all the confidence and body love we’re seeing on Instagram, where women of all shapes and sizes are fearlessly rocking their swimwear and proving that all bodies are swimwear ready. They are a part of this amazing domino effect where they are inspiring other women to wear a swimsuit by simply wearing a swimsuit themselves; those women then wear their own swimsuits and inspire other women to do the same and so on and so on.

We salute all these women for proudly showing off their bodies in stylish swimsuits and making the statement that they love themselves as they are and will not let anyone or anything stop them from wearing a swimsuit.

Here’s 10 women who are proof that you don’t have to be a size 0 to look amazing in swimwear: