Modeling 101: Why Am I Not Booking Many Jobs Despite Being a Signed Model?

Modeling 101 main image 11-26-15
Photography: Rafael Clemente for the July 2015 issue of PMM // Model: Chelsea Miller of Natural Models-LA, IMG Models-NYC, Heffner-WA

Are you an aspiring plus size model? Would you like to know more about how to break into the plus modeling world? Then this Modeling 101 feature is for you!

Every week, I will be answering a modeling question on the blog that are asked often by readers and aspiring models. This is a great opportunity to learn more about breaking into the business and gaining tips and honest input on how to proceed in deciding if plus modeling is the career for you.

This week’s question is…

Q: I’m a signed model but have not been booking many jobs. I go on castings and I’m signed to a good agency. Do you have any advice for me?

A: Just because you are a signed model, it does not mean you will see success right away. My personal suggestion is to continue to test regularly and to build your social media presence. Both of these things can change a model’s career. I asked the Agency Director at IPM Model Management, Fallon Sinclair, for some advice for signed models and this is what she shared with me:

  • Models should have a tough skin and be able to handle constructive criticism. Ask your agent for a sit-down meeting and ask them for constructive criticism. Like any business, it takes time, effort, commitment and patience to become a successful model. Remember that success does not happen overnight.
  • Live a healthy lifestyle. Take care of your skin, drink lots of water and implement a regular work-out schedule. Get sufficient sleep and make sure to have the main KEY ingredient… PERSONALITY. That’s priceless and golden if you want longevity in this business.

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