Pop Up Plus Shows That “Plus Size Women CAN Wear White” in New Lookbook

plus size women

Fashion rules are made to be broken. Are you a plus size woman who’s bold, confident and loves to have fun with fashion? Then this lookbook from Pop Up Plus is one you should definitely check out.

Their latest lookbook has burst into the scene, proving to the world that plus size women can wear white and look fabulous. Featured as the face of the new lookbook from Pop Up Plus is plus size model Kenya Morris, who graced the cover of our August 2015 issue.


Owner Camille Newman describes her inspiration behind the new lookbook:

“It still seems after all the messages of body confidence, there is a segment of society that has a hard time embracing the idea that curvy girls have a right to wear what they want to wear. They want us to tell plus size girls to cover up and hide but there is nothing greater than encouraging our customers to look and feel great at ANY size.

This is why we do lookbooks at Pop Up Plus. Four times a year, we hand pick pieces, colors, trends and any other thing we can think of that falls in the “Curvy Girls Can’t Wear” category. We spend days debating, pouring over different ideas and concepts… making sure we continue to push our customer outside of her box and her own limitations. A lookbook for us is our declaration to perpetual body shamers that we will continue to embolden our customers and that this “Curvy Girl Confidence Train is Not Stopping”.

We have a true love of summer so the white lookbook is always one of our faves! Even now, one of the biggest questions we often get is – “As a curvy girl, can I wear white?” and the answer is always HELL YES…

Join us in celebrating a summer of what’s sexy, fun, bold, cute and glamorous!”

Here’s the images from the ‘White Fashion” lookbook from Pop Up Plus (click on each image to see full size):

Stylist: Shaina Harrison from Out Of The Corner
Photographer: M Jones Photography
Model: Kenya Morris

To check out and shop Pop Up Plus for plus size fashion and more, click here.

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