7 Male Bloggers Show How They Transition into Fall with Style

male bloggers

Male bloggers of size are taking social media by storm, showing that plus size men can be just as confident and stylish as their female counterparts, and we’re loving it!

Whether they call themselves “plus size”, “chubby”, “brawn” or “big & tall”, one thing is certain. These men are making a major impact in our community and beyond, showing how proud they are of their bodies and their style. Their confidence is so contagious and inspiring.

Here’s 7 male bloggers that are showing how they transition into fall with style:

#1: @notoriouslydapper

Style is never about what you wear, it's about how you wear it ??

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#2: @fshnicn


#3: @iam_adydelv


#4: @show_love_for_the_bigguy


#5: @iam_the_atkins


#6: @uominidipeso


#7: @theprepguy

Had so much fun lunching with the fam at @MovenpickHotelKarachi the other day ??.

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