Big & Tall Men Style: Expressing Yourself Through Fashion

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I’ve always been a big fan of fashion. Mainly, I’m curious to see what is worn around the world and love the fact that you can use fashion as a way to express yourself and your uniqueness.

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In looking at fashion from a worldwide perspective, one of the stylish pieces that I became a fan of, are the multicolored tunics often referred to as dashikis.

Dashikis, to me, are stylish, versatile and really make a statement with its colors and designs. They’re basically loose, brightly colored shirts or tunics, originally from West Africa.

I recently went shopping for a dashiki and asked the salesperson for one that could fit me. I asked for the largest size possible. I didn’t want to wear a dashiki that fit me like a crop top or that was far too snug. I wanted to be able to move my arms comfortably.

I then went to the dressing room with the one given to me and had trouble putting the dashiki on. I thought I heard the tunic rip, so I rushed and placed the shirt where I found it! I walked out of the store very quickly without making eye contact with anyone.

I was a bit discouraged, but I had to come up with an alternative. And this is how my journey in finding a perfect fitting dashiki began.

It can be frustrating to shop for great-fitting clothing when you are a person of size but instead of feeling defeated and giving up, I was determined to find what was out there. Big men want to look stylish, too, so I was confident I would find what I was looking for.

I researched a couple tailors/seamstresses and I found one that catered to my size. After a brief conversation, I was assured that I would be taken care of, also that my size would be catered to!

I was excited. Deborah of Brooklyn made a dashiki for me that wasn’t a crop top length and fit well! Awesome! The colors gave a very regal feel. I felt like the king of Zamunda!

I am joking, but I was happy that I could be accommodated. Everyone has the right to express themselves through fashion. Check out the photos below of me wearing my new dashiki:



Always look into tailors and seamstresses when wanting a proper fit and clothing you may not find on the store rack. Some will work within your budget, especially if they know you are promoting their services online or through word of mouth. Or some may break up payments — all you have to do is ask and come to an agreement.

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If you are in the New York City area, you should definitely check out Deborah of Brooklyn. You can find her on Facebook here and can email her at

Fashion is for everyone and this experience has shown me that finding that perfect fitting garment is not impossible.

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