Yoga is For Every Body: 5 Poses This Summer That Are Inspiring

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Yoga is one of the best ways to spread body positive messages to the world. It is an activity that is for all bodies and when you start doing yoga, you feel better about yourself… mind, body and spirit.

The plus yoga community on Instagram always has us inspired. Search on Instagram for hashtags like #plussizeyoga and #plussizeyogi to see for yourself how inspiring these women are. They are proof that yoga is for all bodies and is an inclusive activity. YAY to inclusivity!

Here’s 5 poses that we saw this summer that has us feeling empowered to try yoga and other activities ourselves:

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I had a huge epiphany while practicing the other day. It was something that now seems so obvious but it didn't hit me until I was really in the middle of it. I started my practice because I was lost, scared, confused, hurting, and needed to dig myself out of that place. Over the following year so much changed and so much got better as I learned to love myself, but I slowly felt my practice slipping. I've been wondering why – why has my practice taken the back burner. Why has it been harder for me to show up than it was 2 years ago? Well, it's easy to get complacent when things are going your way, at least for me. Things have been good, and that darkness that drew me to yoga in the first place hasn't been around so much. But recently I went through something that really caused me pain and confusion in a way that I haven't experienced in a long time, and it immediately jump started my practice again because suddenly I needed that medicine, I couldn't avoid it anymore. I needed that space to sort through, to reconcile and process. It reminded me of how easy it is for me to fall off once I get what I thought I wanted, but nothing wonderful lasts if you're not taking care of yourself along the way. There is always something waiting to surprise you. It might happen in the next moment, it might happen next year. My practice is what teaches me how to respond when those moments come, how to remain as equanimous as I've learned to be so that no matter how hard anything is, I can come out the other side stronger and with my intentions intact. This is the beauty of the practice for me, to shed light on darkness so it doesn't consume me. That dark path is always just a step away and we get glimpses of it most days. Choosing light is always a conscious choice and it's one I can only make when I am seeing clearly. PS – 4 spots left in my Denver workshops next month. Link in bio to sign up! Can't wait to practice together. Photo by @michelesuits

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Day 3 of #affirmyourstrength I chose #halfmoonpose using my @brando_sports water bottle as a prop. I am grateful for this moment and find joy in it!! This pose is one I have had and still have great difficulty with but find great joy in trying, failing and succeeding!!! Follow Hosts: @__positiveyoga__ & @justsmileandnodyoga Follow our superb sponsors: @brando_sports @prancingleopard @myinnerfire #yogaeverydamnday #yogiintraining #yoga #yogi #instayoga #plussizeyoga #plussizefitness#benddontbreak #yogaaddict #igyoga #loveyoga #strong #strongin2016 #practicenotperfection #instayogi#yogachallenge #springyoga #mycurvescan #bodyimagemovement #womenupliftingwomen #lovemybody #celebratemysize #yogatherpy #bodypositive #outdooryoga

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Are you inspired yet? Here’s some links to get you started on your yoga journey, if you are.

You can do anything you set your mind to. Be inspired! Have a yoga story to share? Leave us a comment below and let us know.