Modeling 101: Should I Give Up Trying to Be a Plus Model?

Modeling Question – Sarah asks:

I went to an agency and they told me that if I cut my hair, lost 15 pounds and took new photos that they would sign me.

I did everything they asked and emailed the agent I met with and have not heard anything back. It’s been two months, I’ve called and emailed and still nothing. Should I just give up?

Wow! I’m so sorry to hear this, Sarah. This is very unfortunate. I will tell you that most agencies/agents do not operate this way. Since I don’t know the specifics about the agency you are referring to, I’m going to assume it was a reputable agency and you met the rotten apple in a bunch of shiny good ones.

My suggestions:

– I would stop emailing or reaching out to this agent or agency.

– Make a list of agencies and research how you can submit to them (email, go-see, etc).

– Continue to work on your craft and your book.

Good luck! And don’t let one bad experience ruin a possible amazing career!

Photo – Model Kris Yeo | Photographer Stanley Desbas

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