UPDATED: 10 Tall Boots That Fit Wide Calves Above 18 Inches

#1: Joe Brown’s Buckle Boots in EE and EEE Super Curvy Plus from Simply Be, $99.95joe-browns-sb-buckle-boots

These boots are available in shoe widths E and EEE in Super Wide Calf. The wider the foot, the larger the calf. The calf widths for this boot by size are the following:

  • Size 6E and 6EEE: 18.4″ and 18.9″
  • Size 7E and 7EEE: 18.7″ and 19.2″
  • Size 8E and 8EEE: 19.1″ and 19.5″
  • Size 9E and 9EEE: 19.4″ and 19.8″
  • Size 10E and 10EEE: 19.7″ and 20.2″
  • Size 11E and 11EEE: 20″ and 20.5″