Blogger Anna O’Brien Talks About Eloquii’s New Viola Fit Collection & More

Eloquii continues to be THE retailer that gives customers what they want.

The #1 issue plus size women face when shopping is fit. There is no standard plus body. Plus size women carry their weight in different places and we all come in different shapes and heights.

With sizing so inconsistent across the board, it’s obvious that retailers and brands are still trying to accommodate the various fits needed in the plus size fashion world.

Eloquii has been a pioneer of sorts in this arena. They are not first to offer a more “shopping by fit” experience but what sets them apart from the others is that they truly listen to their customer and use that feedback to determine what they will offer.

Customers are invited to email their feedback and VP of Design/Creative Director Jodi Arnold has said she reads them because she feels such a deep connection to those women wanting fashion in their size.

She told Real Simple in a past interview:

“There’s always been a connection there. I couldn’t even wear a size 10 in my own line or shop the contemporary market. I’ve always been a bit bigger, up to a size 14 at times. When I was young and starting to design for myself, I could find ways to make myself look good, but I couldn’t go to a store and do it easily.”

“We get letters saying, ‘You changed my life. I don’t have to go to an interview looking like a grandmother.’ I don’t think I ever felt that the clothes I was making for size 4 girls were changing lives.”

The latest collection launch from Eloquii had fashionistas buzzing yesterday. The new Viola Capsule Collection is exclusively designed for a body shape with a hip measurement 1–2 sizes larger than the bust. So pear shape ladies rejoice! The Viola fit is available in some of their customer favorite styles and “tricky-to-tailor” wardrobe essentials.

One of the faces of the new campaign for the Viola fit collection is blogger Anna O’Brien of Glitter and Lazers. We first saw Anna on Instagram as an inspiring plus size yogi and athlete. She has now become a fashion and body positive inspiration to so many people.

We chatted with Anna about her Eloquii experience, her thoughts on shopping by fit and more. ss-viola-fit_638-e1477318573324-1200x600

PMM: Hey Anna! Thanks for chatting with us! We admire you so much for simply being yourself and letting all of us into your world via your blog and your Instagram feed.

We love your style and how you have fun with fashion. How would you describe your style?

Anna: My style is… eclectic. For me, fashion is like a daily game of dress-up and I enjoy the game of trying and exploring new styles to express my mood and thoughts for the day.

PMM: Congratulations on being one of the faces of the new Viola Fit collection! How did you get involved with Eloquii?

Anna: I met a few Eloquii girls in NYC for drinks at one point after they reached out to me and said they liked the things I stood for online. We kept in touch here and there and it evolved into them asking me to shoot for the Viola launch.

PMM: How does it feel to be a visibly plus woman in a major campaign?

Anna: It’s weird; it feels surprisingly normal. It makes me realize it doesn’t have to be a big statement, having a broader range of plus women could be normal- it doesn’t have to continue to be a

PMM: We so agree! Especially with the average American woman now a size 16. What other brands would you love to work with?

Anna: I choose the brands I work with based on what they stand for. I have no intention of pursuing modeling as a career, so I am in the unique position where I can say no a lot. I want and choose to only work with the brands that actually want to improve the perception of a diversified female body and are working hard to provide media and clothing that supports that message.

PMM: What would you tell someone who is struggling with self-love and being accepted for who they are?

Anna: Acceptance is so completely overrated. If you’re waiting for someone else to tell you you’re special – you’ll be waiting a long time. I’d say, take time to get to know yourself and the reasons you’re magical and special. Oddly, confidence isn’t really directly related to your size. It’s connected to how well you know and work to develop yourself.

PMM: What do you hope will come out of this new Viola fit collection launch?

Anna: I hope it become more than just a collection and evolves into a way to purchase the majority of their items on the site.

PMM: Do you think it will inspire other retailers and brands to expand on their “fit” offerings to plus women?

Anna: If it’s successful. People have to buy the product for others to emulate them. Honestly, it time for plus size women to start investing in the brands that are making the effort to serve them. It’s one thing to say, “Look, they’re showing a diversified female image – I’ll like that.” And another to say, “I am going to invest in purchasing from plus brands that get it”, because by doing so, we force other brands into making similar changes. There’s a few leading brands that I support financially because my many years in business has taught me that money makes decisions, not “likes” on photos.

PMM: Yes! Thank YOU Anna for being a force to be reckoned with in this industry and community. Keep shining and inspiring!

You can check out Anna’s blog at

You can follow Anna on Instagram: @glitterandlazers


You can check out the Viola Fit collection here and read more about it on Eloquii’s blog here.