My Curvy Girl Workout with Charity Lynette

I decided to work out with personal trainer Charity Lynette and gained even more respect for my plus size body.

Let me share how this came to be… For those of you who have been following me for a while you know that I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis many years ago. As a result I have lost some of my sight in one of my eyes, strength in my arms and suffer symptoms from time to time. For my sight I wear glasses, and while the doctors say I will not regain the strength I have lost in my arms I am determined to be as strong as I can and not give up on my body.

I had met personal trainer Charity Lynette a few times at plus size events in NYC, but it was not until I listened to her speak at Liris Crosse’s bootcamp that I became obsessed with getting to know more about her.

my-curvy-girl-workout-with-charity-lynette-2Being plus size and healthy is not impossible and this is what I loved about her message. I’ve been working with her now for about two months and I can honestly say I look forward to working with her every week.

No diet talk, no screaming… she speaks positivity along with health and wellness.

Working out is not about hating your body, it’s about loving it.

Get to know Charity Lynette…

Can you tell me a little about yourself and your journey?

My journey has been a long road to get to where I am comfortable with my body and health.

Losing my mother to preventable health related issues broke my heart and I was determined not to put people I love through the experience. At her death I weighed 310 pounds and was not in the best health. Currently weighing 205 I am totally comfortable with my body typically ranging from 190 to 205 depending on the time of the year. Some doctors may say I am obese but I can do almost anything my heart desires at my current weight.

Originally moving to New York to pursue modeling I ended up doing that and starting Curvy Chick Fitness with the help of Ernest Jackson. I wanted to teach women and give them the tools to get to a healthier version of themselves.

One of the things I love about working out with you is that you are not a diet talker or screamer. With so many trainers in NYC, what makes you different?

I’m different because I have been in the same shoes as a lot of my clients. I have felt the same insecurities and doubts about my body and what it can do. I have been through the same name-calling and jokes about my size as well. Going through my own 110 weight loss journey has prepared me to work with women not only physically but mentally as well. I’m not a diet screamer because life is about balance I encourage clean eating but I already know that on occasion a slice or two of pizza may find its way to you.

Many plus size women have the desire to work out but do not know where to start. Can you give us some tips?

I encourage you to start very realistically. If you haven’t worked out 5 days a week in the past, just because it’s January 1st why expect for your body to be able to do something like that? Start with simply walking. Get the proper shoe and just walk 30 minutes 1-2 days a week then add on as you can. Work with a professional ONE DAY a week. That way you get the motivation and some stability in your workout routine. This also makes you accountable and your not wasting your

What are the benefits of working out with weights?

The process of building muscle is what helps burn fat. It improves bone density, which you lose as you age. It increases connective tissues, muscles, and tendons that leads to improved motor performance and decreases injury. Improves balance, back pain, the list is literally endless! Just lift!

Not everyone has access to a gym. What simple steps can you do at home that will benefit your overall health?

If you have access to a stairwell, this is a great way to get in some cardio. Try doing a different exercise at each landing. A couple of free weights and resistant bands go a long way. You don’t need a traditional gym to get in a good session.

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