Plus Sized Men Get Some Love from Maximus Trax


Curated fashion is all the rage… plus sized women have options in this area and now plus sized men do too with Maximus Trax!

This new brand is dedicated to helping men look and feel their best when curating looks to wear. We sat down with Wes Riddick owner of this new brand about the launch and future of plus size clothing for men.



Can you tell us a little about yourself?

My father was in the military and we retired in El Paso, Texas where I played college football and started as nose tackle for the University of Texas-El Paso. From there I had a short stint in the CFL with the Saskatchewan RoughRiders. After that I began a career in the automotive industry and was an award winning finance director for 3 years for a Fortune 500 company. I met my wife of 6 years in college and we have 2 children.

For those that do not know, what type of services does Maximus Trax provide?

Maximus Trax is an attitude that big and tall men can and should look good. Many times when it comes to fashion the big and tall men are forgotten about. Maximus Trax is all about the big guy. We make sure that the big guy has the same options as everyone else. We are looking to change the way the big and tall sector is viewed.


Where did the idea for this brand come from?

The idea came from me being part of the big and tall community and being frustrated when it came to finding the right clothes. Often times I would search for days and weeks to find the right look and many times I had to settle for what is available. I tried signing up for other clothing subscription services and had issues with them finding clothes that fit me correctly. Often times a 2xl or 3xl is not tailored for the big man in a lot of brands. I have a lot of friends and former teammates with the same issue so I decided on this journey.


We have seen a big push for plus size male fashion in the last few years. Do you feel like plus sized men have many options?

I feel like plus size men have extremely limited options. I still walk through department stores just so I continue to have a better understanding of the struggle. The struggle has to do with lack of style, lack of variety and lack of availability. The options are starting to grow, but they still are not where they need to be. That’s what Maximus Trax is looking to do. We want the plus size male fashion world to have options. They are many times in which you have two customers that are the same height, same weight but different body types. We take great pride in making sure we dress those customers appropriately.


What are the top three reasons why someone would benefit from Maximus Trax?

  1. Convenience – there a lot of plus sized males that don’t like standing in line and going from store to store hoping to find something like and then hoping it fits. We take care of all that for you.
  1. The people running the show are plus sized males and can identify with their issues – We aren’t a corporate group of people that can’t identify with our customers. The same pain and issues that our customer deal with when it comes to plus male fashion are the same issues I also deal with.
  1. Our great customer service. Even with the resources and relationships that have been established, sometimes customers have desires that we have to find innovative ways of delivering satisfactory service to them. For examples we once had a customer that was a size 54 what that wanted tapered jeans. True tapered jeans in that size are extremely difficult to find. We were able to find straight jeans for the customer and also contacted a local tailor in his area and setup an appointment to get his jeans tapered to his liking. Now when he has a box that includes jeans or pants, we send them directly to the tailor and he picks them up directly for there. That will not typically be the case, but this is just an example of our company taking the extra step to convenience our customers.

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