CLICK TO VIEW MADDY'S BLOG!’s “Flip Your Scale Challenge” – Sponsored’s “Flip Your Scale Challenge” is your opportunity to indulge this holiday season without the feeling of guilt.

Holiday parties, cookie swaps, savoring those last few vacation days of the year, cooking to feed loved ones—it is most wonderful time of the year.

Once the holiday festivities come to a close and we ring in the New Year, many of us retreat to our scales to see how much “damage” was done.

This year, we challenge you to turn the tables and FLIP YOUR SCALE!

Grab your scale, flip it over and decorate it with the enthusiasm you would when decorating a Christmas tree or lighting the candles on your Hanukkah menorah, or Kwanzaa kinara.
bodypositivity-coms-flip-your-scale-challenge-sponsored Jillian McClary (left) and Corinne Santiago (right) demonstrate above.


  • Throw some bows, lights or bling on your scale, making it so pretty, you wouldn’t dare step on it.
  • Bring back the beauty of the holiday and ignore the number on the scale that weighs on our minds.
  • Transform that object into something that will make you smile, regardless of how much the holidays have changed your body.
  • Snap a photo of your decorated scale and post it in the online forum at
  • Shed the guilt and make this holiday season about joy, not a number. It might even spark a new holiday tradition in your life.
  • Flip your scale, love your body and be body positive this holiday season.

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