Get to Know Blogger and Plus Size Male Model D.J. Terrell

Name: D.J.Terrell



D.J. Terrell is Senior Broadcast Journalism Major/African-American Studies Minor born and raised in the Crescent City… New Orleans, LA and is currently attending Howard University. In addition, he’s a Plus Sized Male Model who walked New York Fashion Week in September 2016.

Get to know D.J. Terrell…


How long have you been a blogger/model?

I’ve been blogging for about 4 years. I am a senior Journalism major at Howard University. I’ve been modeling about a year and a half.I It’s crazy to say I have not been modeling that long but I was able to be in NYFW 2016 in the Brandon Coates show.


Lack of self-confidence is something rarely spoken about when it comes to men. Do you feel like plus size male bloggers are helping plus sized men feel more confident?

I feel like being a plus sized blogger you have a sense of how other plus sized men feel. You know the struggles of finding clothes that flatter your size, you understand the plight of people who are looked down for their size, and you also know that whether you wear a size 29 pants or a 59 pants you are amazing and you can be fashionable.


How would you like to see the plus size male industry grow?

It is honestly time for some of the bigger agencies to follow IMG’s lead and have a Brawn (Plus Size Male) Division. It’s time to showcase fashion for all sizes. Also there needs to be more diversity in fashion in general… all colors, heights, weights, etc.  I would love to see major designers design and incorporate plus size men into their line; we can reach a broad demographic because in reality not everyone is the same look.


What are your favorite places to shop?

I have a shoe fetish that is just unbelievable so I am always shopping at Cole Haan, ALDO, Footlocker, etc. I am obsessed with ASOS and their Plus collection, Levis and Ralph Lauren also. As a college student I can’t always afford high-end designer clothes so I am a thrifting maniac in my own right. I can style myself and others on a $30 budget and make it look like it cost $300.


For those men who love fashion and are interested in starting a blog, what is your advice?

My mother taught me at a young age that when you love something it is no longer considered work. So if you love fashion, just like anything else in life that is important to you, you have to invest time and effort into it and be consistent. You have to stay up on current trends and make your own trends. Always be ready for next years fashion and trends and be flexible and adaptable.