Not an Athlete? Athleisure is for ALL of Us!


To say the LiviActive Collection by Lane Bryant has blown me away would be an understatement.

Let me backtrack a little. I’m NOT a professional athlete and I don’t workout every day but I have been exploring different ways to move my body the last few years. So basically I’m YOU! When the HOOPLA over Athleisure came to the plus size industry I was a little confused…

So we wear work out clothes all day, every day? Yes, I could be down with that!

Athleisure is defined as casual, comfortable clothing designed to be suitable both for exercise and everyday wear.

My schedule takes me from casual to formal from one day to the next so what I wanted to explore was the difference within the activewear Lane Bryant was offering.

Athleisure Sport Bra 

1-Bra 1-Athleisure is for ALL of Us

The number one thing I learned very early on was how important a good sport bra is when you are incorporating ANY movement into your lifestyle. I remember the first time I tried to do jumping jacks without a proper bra. It was VERY painful. The key is to be FITTED by a professional at the store or take your measurements properly and use the size chart on the website. The bra will be tighter than you are used to, it’s supposed to be tighter.

I chose the Convertible Max Support Sport Bra [SHOP]

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Athleisure Activewear with Support 

2-Pink 1-Athleisure is for ALL of Us

Walking, jogging and working with weights requires a lot more support for my body. For this type of activity I chose the  ‘Wicking Colorblock Active Legging with Mesh and paired it with the Wicking Active Jacket in hot pink.

3-Pink 2-Athleisure is for ALL of Us

The pants support my lower belly and DO NOT roll down!!! HALLELUJAH!!! I also love that the jacket stays in place and offers thumbholes.

Legging  [SHOP] | Jacket [SHOP]

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Athleisure Yoga

4-Yoga 1-Athleisure is for ALL of Us

I’ve been doing yoga at home and in groups more often over the past few months. For yoga you want to wear pants that will give you room to move and stretch. I paired mine with this Wicking Active tee so I would not feel confined in my movements.

Yoga Pant [SHOP] | Wicking Tee [SHOP]

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Athleisure Woosah

5-Grey 1-Athleisure is for ALL of Us

Some days I just want to find a quiet place to meditate, stretch and relax.   I decided to mix and match this bright legging with Metallic Graphic & Brushed Fabric with a grey Wicking Active Jacket.

6-Grey 2-Athleisure is for ALL of Us

I also added a blue Convertible Max Support Bra for support and comfort. The fabric of this pant was very soft while supporting me through my stretching. #LOVE

Jacket [SHOP] | Pants [SHOP] | Bra [SHOP]

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Athleisure All Black – So Me!

7-Black 1-Athleisure is for ALL of Us

When I walked into the Lane Bryant store and laid my eyes on this top I HAD TO HAVE IT, I took it from the mannequin – lol!  I finally understood the true meaning of Athleisure when I put this look together. I could work out in this look but also look super cute to run errands around the city.

Athleisure is not only for athletes, or just to look cute, it’s for ALL of us.

Check out the entire collection and enjoy Buy ONE, Get ONE 75% off TODAY!