No matter what your age or size, we ALL have denim in our closet.

In the past year, I have felt like there has been a big push for plus size denim outside of fast fashion. Women want quality and denim is that investment item that many of us are willing to pay extra for, if it will last the test of time and many wears. Let’s not forget if they fit well — jeans like that would be in high demand.

Fox Factor is a new denim brand, which offers various styles of premium denim.

The difference between regular fast fashion denim and premium denim is that the fabric used in premium denim is smooth like butter and hugs you in all the right places 🙂

Personally, as many of you know. I am a busy woman. Thus, denim has to live and FIT within my lifestyle. Whether I’m going to a meeting or running errands, I want to feel good in my jeans.

I tried two styles from Fox Factor – here’s how they fared in my busy world.

Skinny Fit – High Rise [SHOP]IMG_4197

The first thing I noticed about these jeans was the fabric. WOW! It’s fantastic. I also love the wash of these jeans. I don’t normally wear black jeans, so I am pleasantly surprised with these so much that I WILL BE WEARING ALL THE TIME!IMG_4187

I decided to mix pair these jeans with a floral top and pink jacket for a more Fashion Friday type of look. I could take this look from work to dinner with my friends….IMG_4141

Girlfriend Fit – Medium Rise [SHOP]IMG_4367

I know many women are not fans of the classic boyfriend fit. Fox Factor has listened and added a more feminine design to this style. So we get the “boyfriend” look, while still looking super cute and sexy.IMG_4334

I’m always on the go, and with social media being such an essential part of my every day life, I need to look put together even when I’m stepping out to run errands. I added sneakers and a basic top to these sexy boyfriend jeans for an overall look that is “Maddy” approved.IMG_4365

*This post is sponsored by Fox Factor. All opinions are my own.

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