Big & Tall Men Style: My Favorites From ASOS Plus Size Men’s Clothing Line

Big & tall men just got a new shopping option via ASOS.

The brand recently released a plus size line for men, which is exciting because it means more style options for men of size.ASOS Kavah main image 3-6-17 1

In looking at the styles offered up by ASOS, they’re more modern and not traditional. I was pleasantly surprised because once I learned of the new line, I was skeptical of what the assortment would look like.DSC_0219

Often, when a brand creates clothing for men of size, the clothes aren’t designed from a modern perspective. It’s obvious that in the case of ASOS, the brand made a clear effort to offer men of size some of the same fashion choices as other men.

So I had to investigate this and see how the clothes really worked from a fit and quality perspective. Too often, new plus size male clothing collections do not live up to the hype. The clothes are boring and dull. However, that’s not the case with ASOS!ASOS Kavah main image 3-6-17 2

I was actually impressed with the collection. I could see myself wearing many of the styles. These are definitely styles my grandfather wouldn’t wear!DSC_0234DSC_0214In terms of sizing, ASOS offers up to a 4XL, which is music to my ears. I hate to use the word “trendy,” but ASOS is making a very strong bid to be a favorite for men of size. We not only want the representation, but we also would love the fashion diversity.DSC_0193

I will admit that I loved the selection of colors and sizes in the new line. Usually, with big and tall/plus male/brawn fashion brands, there is a uniform look. ASOS has made a valid attempt to offer a range of styles to accommodate many different fashion aesthetics.DSC_0202

There are oversized garments available, as well as slim fitting shirts and joggers. I particularly am excited about their joggers. I plan to try a pair to rock this spring such as the ASOS Plus Skinny Joggers.7320483-1-oxfordtan

I have been looking for a pair of skinny joggers that don’t make my feet look bigger than they actually are. They’re perfect for those days where I want to wear a casual street style look. And at $28, I may buy a few pairs if the fit is on point.

Another piece from ASOS that I like is Skinny Tonic shirt. The color burgundy gives off a very regal feel. I may sound biased but burgundy is definitely a color that makes men look stylish. I also loved the Paisley print as well and plan to scoop that up next.DSC_0195 DSC_0209

I also tried a pair of shoes from ASOS that I really like. The Chelsea Boots in Burgundy Suede pair well with the Skinny Tonic shirt and these are shoes that I can wear with other styles too. They’re versatile and comfortable.DSC_0236

I am a huge fan of sweatshirts, but hooded sweatshirts are my absolute favorites. The Longline Sweatshirt is one of the pieces that I caught my attention.DSC_0466 DSC_0474

The sweatshirt is a great layering piece that I would wear in the winter under a puffer vest or by itself when it gets a little warmer but still a bit chilly. DSC_0482

I am excited to see what ASOS will provide for upcoming seasons. If you’re a man of size looking for more fashion options, you can check out ASOS plus size men’s clothing here. Until next time!

–KavahKavah footer image