Torrid Gets It Right On The Diversity Front With Its Latest Swim Campaign

The retailer posted an image to social media that has women talking this week and being inspired.

The image is part of Torrid’s #Thesecurves campaign that the retailer unveiled earlier this year, showing the world that curves come in all shapes and sizes.

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That campaign kickoff starred customers and digital influencers in the brand’s new intimates collection.intimates_social_collage_thesecurves1

This time around, #thesecurves is all about showcasing diverse women looking AMAZING in their latest swim.

All the women featured, work at Torrid Headquarters. They range from designers and buyers to tech designers and fit models.blk pnk swim final 1 tie dye swim final 2

The comments on social media show that women are loving the images:

“I love that there is woman my size wearing these suits. I decided this year to step up my swim suit game, since usually I’d swim in a tank top and shorts, but this year i say if I wasnt suppose to wear it it wouldn’t be in my size!”

“This. Ad. Is. Everything. @torridfashion thank you for showing love to alllll women. It’s empowering.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you @torridfashion for promoting beauty in all shapes and sizes!!!”

“Finally an ad that promotes all plus sizes not just the “curvy” flat bellied plus size! It’s wonderful to see all true plus sizes in this!! #realwomen”

“Finally an ad representing true “big girls,” or “plus size” bodies!!! Finalllly! Thank you Torrid!”

In speaking with the retailer, they told us that they want #thesecurves to become a mantra to celebrate ALL women; all shapes and sizes.

They want women to celebrate their curves and what these curves mean to them.

Whether you’re a size 10 or 30, Torrid wants you to know that you are worthy of fashion including wearing a swimsuit that fits well and makes you feel good.blck frnge swim final hot pnk swim final 2

Kudos to Torrid for featuring a diverse set of women in this latest campaign. This is what is so needed to be seen in an effort to inspire and empower women everywhere to love themselves and see their beauty. We can’t wait to see what’s next in the #TheseCurves campaign.

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