Fame and Partners Wants To See #everyBODYdance in Their New Body Positive Prom Movement

This custom clothing company is using fashion for good.

Fame and Partners, the modern woman’s personal atelier, is all about creating custom clothing for women that speaks to their personal style while fitting their bodies perfectly. However, the brand doesn’t stop there. They use their company to promote body positivity, equality, empowerment and expression.

“Fame and Partners speaks to women with substance, creativity, talent, vulnerability & ideas. We celebrate the individuality of the modern woman by empowering her to express her unique point of view sartorially.”

Their latest movement on Instagram is yet again another way the brand is promoting size diversity and beauty… this time to young girls getting ready for prom season.

The #everyBODYdance body positive movement’s mission is to simply tell young women to love their bodies. Prom dress shopping can be tough for plus size/curvy girls and Fame and Partners wants young women to know that they are ALL worthy of having a beautiful prom dress, no matter what their size.

The brand partnered with Teen Vogue on this movement, saying that they want to “empower girls of all ages to feel comfortable in their own skin.” And of course, there is a marketing aspect — The movement was launched in conjunction with the launch of their new evening shop.

Marketing or not, this movement is still very much needed as the junior plus apparel and prom markets are still underserved. It’s important to educate and empower young women to love themselves because it’s a fact that it will benefit them greatly as they enter adulthood. Young women often feel excluded and overlooked in the fashion world, so this is a great example of how they can be included in major campaigns and movements that are positive and inspiring.

We also love how Fame and Partners tapped a few curvy digital influencers to be a part of the movement:

In looking at the brand’s website today, we noticed that they are offering 21% off sitewide in honor of Equal Pay Day. So you can scoop up a prom dress and show support for a great cause as well. Kudos to Fame and Partners for using their brand for good — we can’t wait to see what they will do next.

Click here to check out their new evening shop.

Top image: @iambeauticurve / instagram