Our Latest Style Obsession… Mesh Styles

Show a little skin this spring with the emerging mesh trend.

The 70’s and 80’s are making a comeback this spring with mesh details and styles. However, mesh has been elevated and we’re loving what we’re seeing.

No style is left behind with this trend as we’ve seen it used in not only tops and dresses but also jumpsuits, leggings and jackets. It’s being infused with other popular trends this season such as florals, ruffles, athleisure and military.

Mesh is a great way to show a little skin and get out your comfort zone in baby steps. Mesh styles are also great layering pieces. The fashion possibilities are endless.

Here’s 7 mesh styles currently out there that we’re obsessing over right now:

#1: Mesh Zip Up Top at Elvi

$41, Sizes 14-26 [SHOP]

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#2: Embroidered Mesh Top at Forever 21

$28, Sizes 0X – 3X [SHOP]

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#3: ASOS Curve Premium Mesh Jacket With Badges

$76, Sizes 14 – 24 [SHOP]

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#4: Mockneck Double Slit Mesh Tee from Fashion to Figure

$23 ON SALE, Sizes 0 – 3 [SHOP]

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#5: Sheer Mesh Jacket from Forever 21

$28, Sizes 0X – 3X [SHOP]

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#6: Generation X Camo Leggings at Curvy Sense

$21, Sizes 0X – 4X [SHOP]

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#7: Sporty Mesh Tank Dress at Ashley Stewart

$31 ON SALE, Sizes 12- 26 [SHOP]

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What do you think of the mesh trend? Which ones are your favorites? Follow us on social media @plusmodelmag and let us know!