Feminine Funk celebrates what women are really thinking through one T-shirt at a time.

Feminine Funk, created by California native Nicole Grier, has always had a passion and eye for fashion. Feminine Funk has been shipping out bold, witty, and powerful statement T-shirts all over the world since 2011. Grier’s dreams came true when she started the line, realizing the industry was lacking something so simple, a t-shirt! Other than being a boss lady and a feminist, Grier also creates all the designs on the tees.

What is Feminine Funk?

Feminine Funk is a t-shirt brand dedicated to promoting self-love AND celebrating women through bold, witty, and powerful statements.

What is your inspiration behind the brand?

Feminine Funk was founded after having a difficult time finding statement tees that I felt represented myself and other curvy women. I wanted to create a brand where women felt celebrated for the body they’re in. What better way than t-shirts!

What does being a feminist mean to you?

To me being a feminist, of course, means equality for women and men. But to me, it also means that women should be able to live whatever life she chooses without judgment. Some women have chosen to be housewives, while others have chosen to be CEO’s. Both are okay as long as that is the life she has chosen.

What is your best selling shirt?

We have many great sellers but the top 3 would definitely be:


What was the best piece of advice you got when starting your company?

So many people have offered me so many gems. One piece of advice that really stands out was to stay true to myself and to focus on my own sh*t. It’s easy to become distracted in this industry by looking at what everyone else is doing. But if you stay focused on yourself and hone in on your talents and gifts instead of trying to compete with others, you are on your way to winning.

What can you tell young plus size women today who are trying to break into the fashion industry?

I would first tell young women who are wanting to break into this industry to try to find a mentor who has been in this industry for a while. Having someone to talk to, ask questions to and receive advice from are priceless throughout your career.

Next, I would tell them what I was told, to stay focused on their craft; don’t get distracted by what other people in your industry are doing.

Lastly, I would tell them to never give up. There is no such thing as overnight success. Most successful people have worked a really long time in order to get to where they’re at.

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