May Editor’s Letter – The Walk Into Summer Issue, Brought to You by City Chic

Sometimes life throws you an unexpected curve ball out of left field. For me, that “curve ball” was becoming a mother.

 Don’t get me wrong. I love my daughter with all my heart and love being her mother but this was not what I had planned for in my life. I thought being a career woman, taking care of my aging parents and being a good sister would be enough for me. Clearly, life had other plans.

As a working mom, I deal with the pangs of guilt often, such as when I miss a school production because of work. Add to that, being a mother to a child on the spectrum, my guilt is amplified. At one time, I thought I would have to give up my career in order to be able to properly raise and care for her. Fortunately, my support system has allowed me to continue on my path.This month, we partnered with our friends at City Chic to celebrate mothers and those people who take on mother roles in children’s lives. Jessica Lavoie is a model, photographer, wife and mother who knows first hand about all the challenges and sacrifices that mothers make daily. Anaelisa Ramirez may look familiar to you; she’s a past model search winner and has become a dear friend to me. As a nurse, doula and mom, she has a very unique perspective on what it means to raise a child and be a working mother.With all the responsibilities, challenges and hectic schedules, one thing does unite us… our love for fashion. Being a mother did not change my yearning for great fashion and I like to think that with age, I’m only getting better. I hope you enjoy this very special issue of PLUS Model Magazine, sponsored by City Chic.