This Stunning Body Positive Photo Series is a Must See!

Embracing your body, flaws and all, is easier said than done.

It is especially a challenge when fashion photography is not as diverse as it should be. From not showing body diversity to the lack of models of color across the board, we are made to feel like if we don’t fit the ideals set by this imagery, we are not enough or we are not beautiful.

Toronto-based artist and photographer Kibby Kibwana is using her work as a way to show that beauty comes in all forms outside of those ideals. Her new body positive editorial titled “Embrace” is simply stunning and empowering.

Kibwana told Afropunk:

“The idea of Embrace came about when my relentless search of body diversity through the archives of my favourite artist is resulted in a blank slate. It was then that I visualized something different, yet with the same captivating end results. With diversity comes inclusiveness, and a starting point for changing present norms. Embrace is not only about presenting this diversity, but having it welcomed with open arms.”

The gorgeous star of Kibwana’s Embrace is Toronto-based plus size model Yolanda, signed to Next Canada Models.

We love that we’re seeing a woman of color who is the average size of the American woman and she is beautiful, radiant and not a size 2 or 4. This photo series is proof that we need to see more body and color diversity in the fashion world. We need to see sizes 2 and 4, alongside sizes 16, 20, 24 and so on. We need to see all races and ethnicities.

Here’s a look at more images from Embrace:

Kudos to Kibwana for using her work to portray beauty outside of societal norms. We look forward to seeing what she does next.

You can see more of Kibwana’s work here and can follow her on Instagram here.

Images: Kibby Kibwana / Afropunk

Director of Photography: www.instagram.com/adotjames/

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