You’ll Be Inspired to Dance Your Butt Off With This New Graphic Tee Collection

Society, here’s an earth shattering fact… Fat girls CAN dance.

We say this with all the sarcasm in the world because WE know that dancing is not limited by size. But with all the rules and stereotypes that society imposes on us, when we are shown doing anything physical while in a large body, it is met with shock and surprise.

So when we learned that indie plus size activewear brand Just Curves partnered with FatGirlsDance, an online female-led body positive movement promoting self-love through the celebration of dance, we were excited because this is the type of movement that shows the world that size does not dictate what you can and can’t do.

We spoke with Just Curves owner and designer Yolanda Williams on this major collaboration with the FatGirlsDance Founder, Cathleen Meredith:

“I loved the mission behind the FGD movement, which inspires women to challenge perceptions about what fat bodies can do. These ladies have committed to learning one choreographed dance per week and record it for all the world to see on YouTube.”

“We know how cruel the internet can be toward bigger bodies. But it seems folks are especially cruel to unapologetic, happy, and secure women who give zero damns about what people think! This is what I love about the FatGirlsDance movement. It’s a middle finger to societal beauty standards and defies perceptions about what a dancer’s body should look like. This was a perfect marriage of fitness and fashion that makes a political statement.”

Williams went on to talk about what this collab means to her and the positive message it sends:

“You CAN do whatever you want to do, no matter your size, no matter if people laugh, no matter your race, age, or background. You matter! The confidence of these ladies inspires me to be fearless every day! Dancing is athletic but also a really fun way to exercise. Why not look fly doing it? I’m proud that the Just Curves + FatGirlsDance collaboration promotes body positivity and inspires people to get out and dance until the keys fall out of their bras!”

Williams told us to stay tuned for more designs within this collaboration and a FGD dance choreographed just for you!

You can pre-order any of the items within the new collection and take 15% off your purchase with promo code FGD15. All the tees are available in sizes up to 5X! Click here to shop the FatGirlsDance collection at Just Curves.

You can also keep with with the movement via the hashtag #FatGirlsDance on social media.