Body Positive Fashion Illustrator Reimagines The Zodiac Signs As Curvy Divas

PMM Exclusive! Jonquel Norwood is back with a new body positive art series called “It’s in The Stars”.

We introduced Norwood on the blog last November with her “Magic at Any Size” series, where she recreated the Disney Princesses as modern day plus size fashionistas. The series went viral and was given such positive exposure via the media, including Rihanna even reposting the art on her Instagram channel, giving kudos to the artist for showing body diversity via art.

Norwood states that this series came about from her desire to show that beauty is not just skin deep:

“After the success of my Disney Princess series, I thought about what I could say as a body positive influencer to get people to understand that there is so much more to a person than their physical appearance. That we all deserve the right to pursue our passions and live our fullest lives no matter what we look like on the outside. That is why I decided to reimagine the 12 signs of the Zodiac. A lot of plus size women (people) are led to believe that happiness is not possible in their current bodies, that their destinies wait on the other side of the scale.”

The artist believes that a person’s true confidence lives within their personality and that’s the main thing that matters when it comes to recognizing someone’s beauty. She feels that zodiac signs are a symbol that your destiny is yours, and no one else’s.

“The Zodiac signs; we look to them to choose our lovers, to give us daily advice and ultimately to give us a deeper understanding as to who we are. We trust these ancient symbols to give us insight into our personalities and to help build relationships with others. We’ve all heard the age-old pick-up line “What’s your sign?”. People wear jewelry, share emojis and even tattoo their respective symbol on their bodies, proudly letting the world know what “tribe” they’re a part of.”

We love how Norwood uses art as a medium to showcase body diversity and send a direct message to the world that beauty comes in many shapes and forms.

Here’s a look at the “It’s in The Stars” art series from Jonquel Norwood:

Want to see more? Visit Norwood’s official website at www.jonquel.com to commission her for some art of your own.

She also has a store featuring makeup bags, notebooks and prints featuring her art. Click here to shop.

You can also follow Jonquel Norwood on Instagram @jonquelart and on Facebook @jonquelart.

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