The Future Of The Plus Size Industry Is In Our Hands

The Future Of The Plus Size Industry Is In Our Hands…

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For the most part, the plus size industry/community is very “PC”. However, in order for this industry to get to the next level, it’s going to take all of us to stand on our principles and really see what’s going on.

I never pretend to speak for ALL plus sized women; rather I see myself as a vehicle for women’s voices to be heard. We have amazing women who are inspiring all of us daily via their YouTube channels and other social media outlets to live OUT LOUD without apologizing for their size, shape or age. Some of these women may not be THE most popular but they should be on your radar.

This month, we are going to bring you their stories, information and tips to living your best plus sized life. During the month of July, we want you to be part of the size diversity conversation and to truly HEAR what people in the industry are saying before you hit that LIKE button.

Earlier this month, someone asked me if I ever have bad days or fat days. I was APPALLED at the question… I have bad days for sure, just like everyone else. Some days I feel like I’m not doing enough in my career, as a mother or wife but, a fat day!?!

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That’s such a negative statement and I live in a fat body every day so actually I do have fat days. It’s every day of my life and I’m completely at peace with it.

I pledge for the month of July to LIVE OUT LOUD and I ask you to do the same. Let’s celebrate each other and show support for one another in a way that we have never seen before and watch the Plus Size Industry THRIVE!!!