Word on the Street: Target to Drop Merona and Mossimo Brands

If you’re a fan of the Merona and Mossimo brands at Target, say your goodbyes now.

The mass retailer has announced it will be dropping those brands, saying they’ve become “too large and uniform to attract shoppers“, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The upside to this is that Target will be adding four new exclusive labels to their assortment, in an effort to revamp what they offer. In an official announcement, they state that their customer comes first and they want to offer fresh and new offerings in order for that customer to want to keep coming back.

“One new brand on its own isn’t going to change the way guests experience Target, though we definitely believe each of our exclusive brands will leave its mark. Big picture, it’s when you take all these new brands, combined with how we’re reimagining stores, continuing to enhance digital and investing in our business to meet guests’ changing needs that you start to feel a real difference. Taken together, these changes will create an experience—a new, fresh interpretation of the Tar-zhay that we know our guests love—that ultimately will drive preference and bring real, affordable joy to our guests’ everyday moments.”

The new brands are A New Day, Goodfellow & Co., JoyLab and Project 62. In regards to plus size female customers, no sizes were mentioned for A New Day and JoyLab, both brands for women.

However, we think A New Day could possibly include plus sizes (we have our fingers crossed). With plus size customers losing Merona and Mossimo, which both were available in sizes up to 4X, perhaps A New Day will replace those brands as a new brand for plus size women at Target.

According to Target, A New Day is “a versatile, mix-and-match women’s brand—coming in September—will take you from weekend to work to dinner date, effortlessly—and have you feeling confident in your skin and in your wardrobe. Expect a modern take on a classic aesthetic and incredible prints and patterns.

OR does it means Target will push more designer collaborations when it comes to plus sizes and not the new brands? We don’t know right now.

All we know is we’re losing two brands that provided accessible and affordable fashion to plus size women, which is always a sad thing.

Stay tuned to the blog to be updated as more of these changes are announced and launched.

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