Avenue’s Little Sister Brand Wants To Know What #BeingCurvyis to You

Loralette wants to know what being curvy means to you.

The latest hashtag movement from Avenue’s little sister centers on the positives and negatives of being curvy.

Whether you have to buy two different sizes when shopping for tops and bottoms or you just love your curves and how confident you feel when you walk down the street, this campaign is all about opening up that conversation and talking about your experiences of being curvy.

Loralette wants plus size women to share their own experiences, including funny anecdotes. For instance, who hasn’t knocked something over with their booty or exhausted themselves by putting on a pair of jeans by jumping around and making funny body poses?The brand wants to reinforce that they are a body-positive brand that understands the struggles of being plus. According to Loralette, this is their way of encouraging women to share their experiences and engage with each other:

“Our mission with the #BeingCurvyis hashtag is to simply form a community around our brand that encourages women to reach out to each other, discuss things, make suggestions and become friends. As a brand, Loralette hopes to gain more insight from speaking with our customers and target market to find out their personal experiences with curviness in order to better serve them and above all provide a positive, friendly shopping experience with the brand.”

If you want to take part in #BeingCurvyis, simply share your story and image on Instagram and Facebook, using the hashtag #BeingCurvyis. Loralette may repost your story and image on their social media channels.

Kudos to Loralette for encouraging more discussion about body love and confidence while empowering women to support one another.

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