Why The Choice of Actress Chrissy Metz as The Keynote Speaker at Curvy Con is Perfect

Chrissy Metz is coming to the Curvy Con this year.

It was announced today that the actress will be the keynote speaker and in a time, where women like Ashley Graham and Iskra Lawrence are revered as plus size icons, it’s refreshing to see Metz being chosen to speak at such a popular event.

Why, you may ask?

Because simply, Metz’s body shape is different. She is not your typical hourglass shape AND she is not a model. She is a woman above a size 10/12 who is working as an actress in Hollywood, a place where plus size bodies are not revered or accepted on a whole. Hollywood is a place that celebrates plastic surgery and weight loss. We love Graham and Lawrence but there should be more diversity in the bodies we see in the media.

We’re sure Metz encounters struggles that many of us do from the limited accessibility to clothing in comparison to her thinner co-stars, to simply being seen in a positive light in mainstream media as much as the hourglass curvy shapes we see now.

Metz is showing that plus sizes don’t solely come in an hourglass shape and you can still be confident, happy and stylish in a non-hourglass body.

Chastity Garner, co-founder/creator of the Curvy Con told Yahoo Style:

“A lot of times, in our space, the women who are celebrated are hourglass women — they’re a size 10 to 14, like the perfect version of a ‘plus-size’ woman. I feel like [for] having size diversity and getting out of that hourglass shape, Chrissy Metz is a great representative for that. We love Ashley Graham, but she’s definitely the poster child of what a plus-size model ‘should’ look like. Someone like Chrissy Metz, her body type is a little bit different — we’re so happy to celebrate that.”

Garner’s the Curvy Con partner Cece Olisa added:

“Representation is so important, and just seeing people who look like you anywhere is great. So when the hottest show on television has a very visibly plus-size girl who is cute, and falling in love, and doing her thing on the show, it’s inspiring.”

“If inclusion isn’t happening by invitation, then we’re just going to move in ourselves.”

Amen to that!

The Curvy Con is happening in New York City on September 8 – 9, 2017 at the Metropolitan Pavilion West and will also have plus size celebrities Ashley Nell Tipton and Whitney Way Thore there as panel speakers. Learn more here at

Images: Dia&Co, Instagram (the Curvy Con)