wellness event

If you’re in the LA area and looking for a size-inclusive wellness event, this is for you.

Plus size influencer Sarah Sapora will be hosting the Body Love Workshop on September 16, 2017 in Los Angeles.

This size-inclusive wellness event will combine Kundalini yoga, a “Name Your Purpose” workshop and an intimate panel-discussion about the intersection of body-inclusiveness and wellness.

Panels will include:

Sapora stated in the official press release:

“As a plus-sized woman who utilizes fitness and wellness as tools in her life, I’m usually the only large woman in the room at a class or event. It feels like the wellness industry doesn’t openly welcome persons of size unless it’s to sell us a diet or a quick fix. Anyone who’s ever looked around the studio and been surrounded by only slender women wearing the same outfits and looking almost exactly alike knows what this feels like.

Personal growth, health, and fitness should be accessible to everybody. This Body Love Workshop is for every woman who has had to buy a tote bag because the gift shop didn’t sell a tee-shirt in her size. For every woman who has ever felt stuck, yet known deep inside her heart that there was more she wanted in her life but was scared to get there. For every woman who has ever felt invisible, sitting in the passenger seat of her own life.”

She went on to say:

“We need to have real conversation about inclusiveness, body positivity, and wellness. In addition, we need to have the conversation with actual bodies that represent a diverse community of women. While body positivity has been a hot topic in recent years, the conversations are rarely, if ever, had with the voices of marginalized women included. This needs to be a conversation with women of different sizes, shapes, and gender identities. At the Body Love Workshop, we’re going to be honest and get real; we may not all agree about exactly how much overlap there can be between body-positivity and wellness, but we’ll address the hard questions with empathy and respect.”

Tickets for this 1-day event start at $49. Early bird pricing is $39, before Sept 1.

For more information on the Body Love Workshop or to purchase tickets, visit BodyLoveWorkshop.com.