Bill Maher Shows He’s a Fat Hater While Tim Gunn Is The MVP of The Diversity Movement

The plus size industry is currently in an uproar and with good reason.

Television host Bill Maher made some alarming fat hating comments during a segment on his show where he spoke with Tim Gunn.

I, personally, am livid at his comments but applaud Gunn on his stance that the fashion world needs more diversity.

Maher asked Tim Gunn his thoughts on the “obesity epidemic” in America on his September 15th show.

After watching Troy Soloman’s instagram stories (@abearnamedtroy on Instagram) about this segment, I was so upset that I had to find the entire clip of the show.

As seen in the video above, Maher begins, as many do, by bringing up the “obesity epidemic” and considering that Tim Gunn just wrapped up a season of Project Runway that included models up to a size 22, you almost hold your breath, waiting to see what he will say in response.

Let’s be honest… no one really cares about anyone’s weight. This is just the politically correct way to segway into this topic without trying to seem like a FAT HATER.

However, Maher’s true colors become apparent early on in the segment, when he says to Gunn: “People say why can’t you make clothes that make me look good? Because you look fat!“, which is followed by laughter from the audience.

“I go where the money is; that tells me where the truth is. People, when they are selling clothes, sell it on skinny people.” – Bill Maher

And these were not the only fat hating comments Maher expressed!

However, Tim Gunn’s responses were so impressive to me because he did not back down, nor did he agree with Maher for the sake of television.

Gunn lives in a world where WE are a blip on the radar. We are a media click; a new fascination because it brings additional viewers to websites. How many of the people that MAKE plus sized clothing that are IN THIS WORLD would be willing to stand up for plus sized consumers as he did?

“….my point is that it’s an unattainable body size and shape for most women in this nation.” – Tim Gunn

Let’s face it, Bill Maher does not truly care about plus size consumers. We are the only category of people where it’s still acceptable to bring shame. Sitting in the front row during fashion week, I was stared at by a skinny editor like I was an elephant at a glass shop. And that’s still acceptable in 2017?!?

This is why someone on a major cable channel with a television show such as Bill Maher does not surprise me because I live and work in this world where even the people who work AT plus size brands do not believe in clothing plus sized women.

What I did want to focus on today was that we have a new leader, who was not afraid to stand up for what he believes, and what he believes in, is us! Thank you, Tim Gunn!

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