Celebrate #RealMeDay With Us – Show Us The Real You!

Today is #RealMeDay.

It’s the day we show who we are, really. No filters, special angles or photoshopped versions of ourselves.

Social media offers us a glimpse into the lives of celebrities, brands and our best looking angles. But these refined and curated profiles don’t reflect the diverse reality of life.

Mental health can affect any of us at any stage of our lives and is sadly increasing though the growing use of social media.

We wanted to do our part in helping spread awareness of mental health issues surrounding social media. So when Hopper HQ and the Mental Health Foundation reached out, we decided to invite our influencer friends to submit their own #RealMe images, unedited and filter-free, starting with our own:

PMM Editor-in-Chief Madeline Jones: @plusjones

“#TheRealMe – Behind the makeup, the clothes, and responsibilities is a woman trying to figure out life one day at a time.”

PMM Blog Editor Marcy Cruz: @fearlesslyjustme

“I’m still nurturing this love affair I have committed to myself and each day, I realize how deep my beauty is and that it’s okay to not be perfect. Because I am me and there’s only one ME in the world.”

Nichole Lumas, Photographer and Blogger

“When people have crap to talk about your body, that’s their problem, not yours. My body has housed 3 babies, 2 to full term. My body, while imperfect in your eyes, is perfect in my own. It’s been pushed to the limits and hasn’t failed me yet. My body feeds my babies and carries me throughout my days. Be kind to your bodies ladies… babies or not, you only get one.”

Kavah King, Blogger/Influencer, Model & PMM Contributor: @gentlemenscurb

“Mental illness is one of the illnesses that we over look, but is very serious. Remember to ask someone how they are doing, not to just be polite. Be someone’s ear, because you never know what someone is going through. Even the smallest bit of compassion can go a long way.”

Alex Larosa, Plus Model & Influencer: @missalexlarosa

“Here’s an outtake of me from a shoot with Lucas Jones (@lucaspicturesnyc).This pic shows the real me because this is my reaction any time a photographer asks for a sexy look. <laughs>”

Sergely “Mocha” Mercilus, Model/Actress: @askmocha

“Don’t dream your life, live your dream.”

Rob Robinson, Model: @BuiltUpRealNice

“Fill your mind and body with positive thoughts, and always surround yourself with people who uplift you.”

Lisa Scott, Plus Model & Blogger: @theshoppingslayer

This quote from Maya Angelou is one I think about daily – “You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.”

Tatiana Lewis, Plus Model: @tlove18

“Wherever you stand, be the soul of that place.”

Nekisha Michelle, The Love Doyenne, Certified Matchmaker, TV Personality & Journalist: @makemeawifecoach

“It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not.”. -Mary Kay Ash

Darnel Ghramm, Model & Influencer: @dghramm

“Social media gives us a glimpse into the world of others. But most of these images are edited to show you the best version of the moments posted.

I wanted to give you the raw me in a comfortable natural state. Undone hair, no accessories & a simplistic wardrobe. Unlike what you might be used to seeing in my fully styled photos. I am perfectly flawed. I have stretch marks & scars. I have good days and bad days. Behind social media, I’m just like you.

Mental health is real. Don’t believe everything you see on social media and mistake it for reality. We all put our pants on one leg at a time.

Beauty is imperfection. No one is perfect, yet everyone is perfectly themselves. Being unapologetic and loving yourself is amazing. Especially in a world that will try to tell you who to be.”

Cathy Iadinardi, Plus Model: @cassykazz

“I live by this quote by Maya Angelou. ‘If you must look back, do so lovingly. If you must look forward, do so prayerfully. However, the wisest thing you can do is be present in the present… gratefully.'”

Want to join us? Simply post the real you today on social media, tagging #RealMeDay and #PMMrealme.

Are you willing to go filter-free and unedited? Let’s do it!