PMM Editor Announces Ageless Style Series, Fabulous After 40 for 2018

It’s hard to believe the year is almost over but our editor Madeline Jones is hard at work planning for 2018 already.

Together with major plus size fashion brands Madeline will be collaborating on a special Ageless Style Series, which will focus on a segment of the market that is often forgotten, women over age 40.

“My intention for this series is to touch upon everything from health, beauty and fashion to confidence and makeovers. Our lives should not feel like they are ending because we are older, this is a new journey of life we should enjoy.”

Madeline has been working to bring more diversity within the industry for a few years. Two years ago she embarked on a national model search with designer Marla Wynne and appeared on HSN. This year she was featured on a special Facebook Live for Dia & Co. called ageless style.

“Size diversity is no longer my only passion, I want to help women over 40 feel their best and bring tips, encouragement and opportunities they rightfully deserve.”

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