Age is NOT a Limitation Unless You Give It That Power… Ageless Style Interview with Maddy Jones

In the fashion industry, you are considered “old-ish” at 23 and old at 26, but this has not stopped our editor Maddy Jones from breaking through those barriers to create a new series called  ‘Ageless Style’.

Ageless Style launched on January 1st and Maddy is already working on projects through March and April of this year. It’s clear this is a series that is sure to touch many lives.

PMM: We have always known you as a content creator, size and plus size model advocate. How did age diversity come into play?

Maddy: It’s a funny story, I won a contest during FFFWeek they sponsored with Marla Wynne. I went to her house, sat down and after a few hours of chatting I realized that exactly how we feel as plus-sized women, is exactly how older women feel. Fashion can make us feel invisible and not worthy.

After working with Marla on the Plus Project, Dia & Co. worked with me on a three month Facebook Live series and we called it Ageless Style. It was so popular that I decided to extend it on our own platform and expand it to include beauty, health, models and bloggers.

At age 45 you seem to be thriving on so many fronts. How do you handle it all?

The truth is that NO ONE has it all under control. There are days that I’m so tired I can barely move. I try to do the best I can just like everyone else.

My tips for handling a hectic schedule:

1) Get rest and stay hydrated

2) Keep toxic people AWAY!

3) Meditate or pray – find time for your mind to relax

4) Get organized… use an app, a pad or whatever works for you

5) Appreciate your blessings

Having body confidence is a journey, as well as staying confident as you are getting older. How did you get to a positive place about getting older?

You are right, this is certainly a journey.

I can tell you that when I was 39 and was turning 40 I cried. I was leaving the youth that I embraced and reveled in and now I was going to be seen as a mature woman. What I did not realize was that with this maturity came power! Power over me, my life, my mindset and a deeper relationship with my body. My body is not as tight as it was 15 years ago, I have lines on my face I did not have just 5 years ago, but that’s okay. It’s who I am, and most importantly despite living with Multiple Sclerosis, I am healthy and embrace my plus sized body.

Every day I remind myself that I am perfect JUST THE WAY I AM. I will never look like I did when I was 25 or 35, and that is totally fine as long as I’m not limiting myself because of my size or age.

Age diversity is something people tip-toe around. Did you think it would be well received?

I’ve been working on this for years, and tested the waters. First I had to brand myself so people could get to know me. If you follow my Snapchat or Instagram Stories, you see me in real life – no makeup, working out, being a mom, a sister and sometimes a party girl. lol

Last year I was able to work with brands as an influencer and I never hid my age. This gave me some indication that these brands were okay with including someone that was older. Once the series launched we received immediate interest and I have to thank Lane Bryant, Catherines, Avenue and Ashley Stewart for the encouragement and support.

What are your goals for 2018?

OMG we don’t have enough time for ALL my goals…

Honestly, there are a lot of things up in the air. I allow myself time to develop ideas because I believe in things being done at the appropriate time. I’m working on a health piece with my trainer for Ageless Style… I’m developing a blogger piece for Ageless Style and I have two amazing Spring projects as well that are confirmed. I feel very fortunate for the support from the brands and the industry.

Any advice for the thirty-something gals that may have some anxiety about getting older?

Age, much like size, is not a limitation unless you give it that power.

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Photo Credits:

Photography by Stanley Desbas

Hair and Makeup by Christian Briceno

Styling by Meaghan O’Connor

Lisa Scott / Instagram @TheShoppingSlayer
Maddy Jones / Instagram @plusjones