Ageless Style Interview with Lisa Scott, The Shopping Slayer

When we kicked off 2018 with our “Ageless Style” series a few days ago, many people were wondering who was the other woman modeling with Maddy Jones.

Today, we bring you closer to this beautiful and confident beauty.

Lisa Scott has over 25 years in the modeling industry and is a campaign model with countless features in magazines, catalogs and more.

Before social media existed, she made a name for herself by how she treated people in person and her work ethic.

Her long lasting relationships with individuals within the industry enabled her to create a solid brand for herself as “The Shopping Slayer” on social media and become a highly regarded influencer, in addition to her modeling experience.

Maddy shares why she thought it was so important to have Lisa join her for the official launch of “Ageless Style”:

“To me, Lisa Scott represents a generation of women who were so confident that they pushed boundaries without knowing they were helping to build what we now call the Plus Size Industry. She had many roadblocks before her but she forged ahead, paving the way and without women like her, many of us would not be doing what we are doing today.”

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Name: Lisa Scott

Instagram @TheShoppingSlayer

Facebook @TheShoppingSlayer

YouTube: Lisa S

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You have been a working model for over 25 years. How have you seen this industry change?

I am so impressed with the fashion that the models get to wear now in comparison to when I started my career. It’s a 100% improvement. The working models of today are killing the industry. These women are literally launching businesses, becoming entrepreneurs and turning their work into multiple streams of income. It’s so awesome to see the models of today mastering how to market their image. In my day, we had maybe 3 superstars at one time, such as Supermodel Emme. However, today we can name at least 10 plus models that are on a superstar level. Seeing plus models working campaigns and having endorsements at the same time is something that never happened when I was coming up.

What are your most memorable jobs in the earlier part of your career?

I have had so many favorite jobs. This is a hard question to answer because any time you get a cover or editorial spread, you are on cloud nine for at least a week, but trips are always memorable. One great experience was going to Greece for a week with UllaPopken. The Catherines’ Cruise will always be epic, not because the ship was anything special; it’s the memories and fun we had as a crew, team and models. Another incredible trip was going away with plus model Natalie Laughlin to St. Thomas to shoot a catalog; we had to take a boat to this incredible villa. We showered outside and slept with nets around our beds because of the mosquitoes. And we had the cutest female chef who was a native of the island.

As the “Shopping Slayer”, you feature your fashion aesthetic. How would you describe your style?

I have so much fun on TheShoppingSlayer over on Instagram. My style is casual chic; definitely a capsule wardrobe aesthetic. I pretty much only buy and wear clothing I can translate to every day of my life and mix into everything in my wardrobe. I used to buy a lot of skirts and would never wear them. Now-a-days, I’m more mindful to ask myself, “How many times are you really going to wear that?”. However, I am that blogger who will try a new trend in a minute if I like it.

Your confidence is enticing. What advice do you have for women who are struggling with self-confidence?

I always tell younger women in their 20’s, just wait until you get to your 40’s. Confidence will no longer be an issue. I think it’s a little gift that God gives us as we age. He knows us women have endured, battled and usually overcome so much by the age of 40 that he grants us self-assurance.

I decided in my 30’s to really like who I am as a woman and it had nothing to do with my looks. I loved building a relationship with my kids, not just being a mom; I liked what kind of daughter I was. I liked what kind of friend I was, I liked how I cooked with love for my family, and I liked my integrity. I liked how I always did things the best of my ability. All these things made me feel confident. I believe when you fall in love with yourself, you become more accepting of your flaws and the things about your body and looks that can shake your confidence. I have come to accept everything, even my “fupa” because I know my heart is bigger.

What does “Ageless Style” mean to you?

Ageless Style means still caring about yourself as you age and not letting anyone define who you should be or look like as you age. It means owning your personal style and being bold enough to share it with the world. I never understood the concept that older woman shouldn’t be modeling, blogging, or wearing sexy clothes. Why not? If you are alive, active and involved in life, you will need to get dressed, so why not dress up and show up with style?

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