Yours Clothing’s Latest Campaign Uses Life Drawing to Show Beauty Comes in All Sizes

We’re often told what a “perfect” body looks like and it’s an unattainable goal.

We’re conditioned by messages in the media on what beauty is and made to feel that body weight determines our worth. While body positivity is on the rise and we’re seeing more curves in the media, when we see bodies that are not “visually pleasing” to the eye or the standard hourglass shape, those bodies are met with negativity. It’s as if size dictates your worth when it comes to fashion and style.

British plus size clothing retailer Yours Clothing wants to make a change in that way of thought with their latest body positive campaign.

The new campaign focuses on showing body positivity through life drawing. The retailer collaborated with the school of art at Nottingham College and three plus size bloggers to use art as a way to show that beauty comes in all sizes.

According to Yours Clothing, the campaign takes us on a journey to discover the difficulties these bloggers have faced, how they have found body confidence, and now, how they are inspiring other women to do the same.

The retailer chose bloggers who don’t have the conventional pear shape and flat tummies we are used to seeing when plus size bodies are shown in the media. These women are relatable because they show the diversity in body shapes and still have the same level of confidence as their pear and hourglass shaped sisters.

This life drawing campaign reinforces that by emphasizing the beauty in those ‘forbidden’ areas of women’s bodies and showcasing them in an inspiring, body positive work of art.

One of those bloggers, Hollie Burgess of Pretty Big Butterflies, said in an official statement:

“You’re allowed to take up space, feel beautiful and be confident. Believe in yourself, give yourself a break and remember that you only live once. Enjoy your life right now, take those little risks and go outside of your comfort zone. Don’t wait until your body looks different, do it now! If you start to love yourself, slowly, you’ll realize you’re beautiful the way you are.”

The other two bloggers featured in the campaign are Laura Ferry of What Laura Loves and Katherine Henry of The World Through Kat’s Eyes.

Yours Clothing hopes this campaign will inspire you, to love you! They also want others to join the movement and #takethepledge to love yourself this New Year. Here’s what to do to be a part of this inspiring movement:

  • Upload a photo you feel great in and hashtag #takethepledge
  • Tag five friends in your photo that are beautiful to you
  • Pass it on! #takethepledge

Kudos to Yours Clothing on this fantastic campaign that is empowering, inspiring and such a positive message that is so needed right now.

Click here to see more of the campaign from Yours Clothing.