Interview with PLUS Cover Model Kayla Jones

Former PMM model search winner turned Wilhelmina model is one of the hottest young models in the industry.

This month she graces our cover and speaks to us about life, changes and her goals for 2018.

Kayla Jones

Many young ladies have the desire to become a model… you actually did it! Tell me about life after the model search.

Life after the model search has been amazing but also a big change! Before the search I was a college student and after the search I became a full-time model and student. Three months after the model search I had the privilege of signing with Wilhelmina NY, in their curve division. I currently go to Brooklyn College as a business major and have been working with amazing clients such as, Ashley Stewart, Target, Promgirl, Rebdolls, and more! My average day consists of keeping up with my online classes, hitting the gym, and going to castings. I feel so blessed and am absolutely loving life post model search!

Getting signed to one of the most reputable agencies is a BIG DEAL, how did you prepare?

The first thing I did before signing with Wilhelmina was prepare myself mentally and physically. The modeling industry is known for being filled with rejection so I wanted to get into a good mindset before putting myself out there completely. I worked really hard on my self-validation, knowing that I was more than what meets the eye and that I have a lot to offer the world. I also worked on clearing my skin (something I’ve always struggled with) and also getting really healthy as far as what I was putting in my body and being more active.

After I was really confident that I could handle the possible rejection, I moved on to how to submit to agencies. I did a lot of research before deciding which agencies I wanted to submit to. I made a spreadsheet of all the agencies, and looked up exactly what they wanted from me. I found that almost all the agencies wanted “digitals.” I had a good friend take these basic, no makeup pictures and I used them to submit to all of my agencies. I also prepared a portfolio (that I bought off amazon) and put all of my “model” pictures in that.

After submitting, I waited to hear back from agencies and then went in and talked with some agents. The whole process was very nerve racking, however I would encourage all young men and women who want to be models to just be as confident in yourself as possible because that along with preparation and determination is what’s going to get you called back.

How did you learn to embrace your body and do you have any tips for those young ladies still learning to love themselves?

Learning to embrace my body has been extremely challenging. I struggled with body image my whole life and when I went off to college it got to the point where I was endangering my health. I wasn’t sure if modeling was going to trigger some of my old behavior being that we’re constantly in front of the camera.

A year into modeling and I can honestly say that it has been a gift to my self-esteem! My agents, and clients are so supportive, I feel more beautiful now at a size 14 then I ever have in my life. The biggest part of embracing my body has been acknowledging that I am doing the best I can for it. I nourish it, I move it and I love it. I would tell all the beautiful young ladies out there to be easier on yourself, instead of being your toughest critic try to fall in love with every little part of you.

Your skin is flawless; do you follow a beauty routine?

I have struggled with my skin for so long! I currently try to do all natural facemasks, especially after a day on set where I have a ton of makeup on. I usually make my own masks with egg white, avocado, honey, etc. On an everyday basis I use a set of 3 products (wash, blemish control gel, and hydrator) from a line called Gabriel Correctives Skincare System. I also change my pillowcases every other day and use scent free detergent!

How does it feel to have accomplished what you set out to do, modeling and getting signed, all within one year?

Accomplishing my goal in under a year feels amazing! I was honestly so lost for a while there, I was transferring schools, struggling with my self-confidence, and my father was diagnosed with cancer. I didn’t know what to do with myself and to be where I am now a year later is just mind blowing. I am so grateful for my agents, the amazing girls in this industry, my support system, and everyone at PLUS Model Mag for encouraging me and believing in me.

What are your goals for 2018?

My goals for 2018 include working with more lingerie and swimwear brands because I think that it will grow my self-confidence even more and young woman need to see curvy women embracing their bodies. Another goal is to explore the European market in 2018; I’ve always set my goals pretty high and this one is no exception! My ultimate 2018 goal is to be the best version of myself, and be genuine with my self-love journey.

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All pictures courtesy of Ashley Stewart

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